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Ever since I found out I was having a little girl, I couldn't wait to start doing cute hairstyles on her. But little did I know, Mary would grow up to be a tomboy. So ever since she was little, she has hated anything in her hair until recently. But when she started asking me to do her hair, I of course jumped on it!

Mary has very natural wavy hair so when I do anything with her hair, it's never with hot tools. I personally don't believe in using hot tools on small kids so I don't even blow dry her hair. Her hair dries naturally very wavy so I don't need any tools at all for her.

Today I decided to do a fun new back to school hairstyle for her that doesn't need any tools or elastics either. I don't use elastics on Mary because she can't stand them in her hair for some reason. The hairstyle itself is very easy to do and here's what you need for the whole thing.

To start, you need to wash your daughter's hair with Johnson's No More Tangles Baby Shampoo and Conditioner. It leaves hair beautiful and easy to manage plus it's paraben-free, phthalate-free and triclosan-free. And the formula is as pure water and gentle to eyes. We personally use the blue bottle which is for thick, curly hair since Mary has very thick wavy hair.

Second, when your daughter is still in the bath, put in a dime sized amount of Johnson's No More Tangles Leave In Conditioner. It controls wild frizz and tangles for silky, shiny hair. And since Mary has lots of tangles from her wavy hair, this is a lifesaver. It also makes brushing hair easier too.

Now let your daughter's hair dry naturally. Once it is, then you can actually start the hairstyle!

Start by spraying your daughter's dry hair with a bit of Johnson's No More Tangles Detangling Spray. It works to instantly unlock knots and tangles to improve manageability for easy trouble-free combing. After spraying, gently comb through hair until it's all untangled.

Using your brush and a simple colored scrunchi, pull your daughter's hair back into a half up half down hairstyle.

Then using your fingers, make a small hole above the scrunchi and pull the ponytail through until you have a flipped ponytail. Pull the scrunchi tight.

Then starting on the side, make a simple braid going down the side of the head, including part of the ponytail into it. Secure with a bobbypin.

Do the same thing on the other side and secure with a bobbypin. Make sure to also tuck the sides of the braid into the hair to hide the ends.

This is what the hair should look like by now. You can already notice that Mary's hair is very wavy naturally so you could even leave it like this if you wanted. But with school, her hair distracts her so I like to tie it back.

To finish off the look, we found a gorgeous back to school ribbon. I put the ribbon right at the crown of her head and brought it under her hair. Under her hair, I twisted it and then tied her hair in a gentle ponytail.

This hairstyle took me about 15 minutes to do and it really came out cute. Plus you don't need heat or elastics at all so it's great for girls who don't want a lot of fuss over their hair like Mary.

With Johnson's No More Tangles Shampoo, Leave-in-Conditioner, and Detangling Spray, you can be sure that your child’s healthy, tangle-free hair will be the talk of the classroom. In fact, it’ll look so good that you might just want to show it off! Take a picture of your young scholar’s back-to-school hair style and share it via Instagram using the hashtags #NoMoreTangles and #Sweepstakes. One lucky winner will win $5,000! You have until September 15th to enter.



  1. That is super cute! Makes me wish my daughter was younger!

  2. I would have killed for a detangler when I was young. I have THICK hair and my mom tried to do this stuff all the time. It wasn't always pleasant.

  3. Oh sooo cute! I wish I could use those products on my hair haha. I love that side braid!

  4. what a cute hairstyle. I wished my daughter would let me do this to her.

  5. Very cute! I like that everything is pulled back so that when the kids get busy on the playground, their hair doesn't fly around.

  6. How precious. I think my mother would have loved to have had that when I was a child. She got so tired of my knots that she cut all of my hair off when I was four and kept me in a pixie.

  7. What cute hairstyles!!! I want to style H hair like that!

  8. How pretty. I have 5 girls and I never mastered braiding. Thankfully as they got older they did each others hair. My best friends husband is a wiz at french braiding, but I never could get my husband to give it a try.

  9. Very pretty. I can't spend to much time on my daughter's hair. It just ends up a mess by the end of the day. Love no more tangles!

  10. Super cute!!! And so fun for back to school!

  11. So would it be wrong if a 52 year old went into her bedroom and tried this too??? Cuz I am going to. SO cute.

  12. Not only did I use Johnson's No More Tangles Detangling Spray on my kids when they were small, I keep some on hand for my own hair. I love this how to make a flip ponytail with a French braid. These ideas are fantastic.



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