Welcome to the New Dog, Charlie Brown

I am a Petcurean Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

After all the years of having birds and always vowing I would never get a dog, I broke down the other night when I went to get some bird seed. Mary was with me and while I was looking for a bird swing, she saw a dog and wanted to play with him. So we played with him which eventually led me to buying him because he really needed a home. And of course Mary has been begging me for a dog for years. Mostly because even though she loves the birds, you can only play with them for so long and so much.

His name is Charlie Brown and he is a Toy Fox Terrier. He's sixteen weeks old and he's a bundle of love and kisses.

One of the things that actually scared me about getting a dog was I don't know a whole lot about them. Now I can go into a pet store and know everything for birds but when it comes to dogs, I am stumped. Especially with their food. There are so many different types that I had no idea where to start! But with Charlie Brown, we're feeding him Petcurean. 

Charlie's food is a dry food and it's the Now Fresh brand of Petcurean. Now Fresh Small Breed dog food recipe is made with 100% fresh turkey, salmon and 100% fresh Omega 3 & 6 oils from coconuts and canola. Now Fresh also features zero grains, gluten, wheat, beef, corn or soy which is good because I've noticed that Charlie has a very unbalanced belly from his previous food. Something I love about Petcuean is that they use no by-products or artificial preservatives and I've always believed in giving my pets the same quality food that I give my own family.

Just take a look at some of the ingredients for the Small Breed Now Fresh that we feed Charlie:

De-boned turkey, potatoes, whole dried egg, peas, flaxseed, apples, canola oil, natural flavour, coconut oil, tomato, salmon, sundried alfalfa, carrots, pumpkin, bananas, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, papayas, pineapple, grapefruit, lentil beans, broccoli, spinach, cottage cheese, alfalfa sprouts, dried kelp...

It sounds like a bag of people food doesn't it? Petcurean will be what Charlie eats for the rest of his life and they even have foods that you can give them from puppy to senior as well. I honestly can't wait to see how Charlie does on Petcurean and will be updating every other month on his transition.