Why We Use Nancy Drew PC Games in Our Home-School

When I was a kid, the first time I was introduced to Nancy Drew was in the fourth grade. My teacher decided she would read a chapter of a book each day to us and since then I was hooked. The books were always so fascinating to me and I read many of them. But it wasn't until I was an adult did I get totally addicted to the PC games.

After I had just had Mary, my husband was looking for a good gift for me for Mother's Day. When I opened up my presents, the first one was Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek, the PC game. And after I started playing it, I was completely in love. Since then I have played almost all of the games and I am always waiting for the new ones to come out too. And the newest Nancy Drew game just recently came out last month! It's called Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion and Mary & I have been playing it for days.

The new game revolves around Nancy Drew being on a reality television show based in New Zealand but there are some weird things going on. Like they have no crew and the producer, Sonny Joon seems a bit eccentric. It's up to Nancy to figure out what's going on before anyone gets hurt.

Mary and I have been playing the Nancy Drew games together now for years and here are a few reasons why we love them so much. The graphics are amazing. The people honestly look so real and the scenes are very vivid. We also love the puzzles because they are challenging and in order to break them, we have to learn something. Like in the Shattered Medallion, we had to learn about different sheep breeds, flower species, along with fish and coral reefs. It's always fun to learn something new and this is also great for home-school too. Since Mary focuses so much on the game, we can branch off of the things she learned and make them into lessons.

This game was a special treat for home-school and it took us about 4 nights to beat the entire game. But that's because once you start playing, you just can't stop. It really is so addicting that you'll end up loosing track of time!

If you home-school or you're looking for a great PC game to have your kids play, I highly suggest the Nancy Drew series. There are 30 games out right now and each one of them is challenging and fun.