Keep Your Kid's Stuffed Animals All in One Place with The Zoo

Like most kids, Mary loves stuffed animals. But maybe she loves them just a bit too much. Almost everywhere we go, she loves to get a new friend to bring home. Of course that would mean that she has a lot of stuffed animals! I no longer buy her stuffed animals because of all the clutter in her room, but my husband doesn't have the heart to say no to her little eyes. So her collection just keeps growing and growing. So usually her room looks like this:

And this...

And of course the sickly overflowing toy box here...

And who is the one who is constantly cleaning up this mess? Me, because I can't stand a mess! But enough is enough so when I was browsing online the other day, I ended up finding The Zoo which is basically a "cage" for stuffed animals!

The Zoo is amazing and it keeps all the stuffed animals in one place! Can't you already hear the angels singing? Plus it's super easy to put together and comes with everything to need to do it too.

The instructions are all included as well. It's honestly so simple that I put it together completely by myself with my husband sitting, watching me. Simply connect your frame with the hex screws.

After the frame is complete, stand it up and put your eye hooks in at the top, middle and bottom holes around the frame. Then starting at the top, slip your bungee cords in and tie a knot.

After securing the knot at the top of the Zoo, place the protection cover over the bungee cord and then tie a knot at the bottom eye hook. And it's that simple! Plus it's really safe. The Zoo comes with two bolts to secure it to the wall as well to make sure kids don't pull it down. And with the bungee cover, the bungee can't eve snap and hurt a child. There are actually a lot of copycat Zoo's out there, especially on Etsy and none of them have the protective bungee covers. That's a huge hazard for kids because if the bungee ever broke, it could seriously injure them.

This is what the finished Zoo looks like and it's a lifesaver. Now all of Mary's stuffed animals have a place, and she can even pull out the ones she wants to play with in between the bars.

Do your kids need The Zoo? Make sure to check out their site and order one for them today!