Having an Action Packed Sunday with @ToyState

I am a ToyState Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

In our house, there are a few toys that are staples for us. And most of them are cars! When I was a kid, I loved to play with boy toys the best. I never owned a Barbie and never played with baby dolls. And Mary is growing up almost the exact same. She likes to play rough and goes for the boy toys with sounds and action rather than pretending to have tea and crumpets. 

So when our shipment of ToyState toys came this month, we grabbed out a few and started playing on a lazy Sunday afternoon. And our lazy Sunday soon became an action packed day! One of our favorites was the Hot Wheels Energy R/C Can.

The Hot Wheels Energy R/C Can is awesome because it's a remote controlled car! Simply take the car out of the can and the remote control pops out the bottom! It also has a light up engine feature and the package can serve as a container for the car after play.

Mary also had a lot of fun with the Road Rippers VW Hatchback. What makes this one fun is when you lift the hatch, a new song plays along with light up action.

So that's how our Sunday went. Even though it was rainy outside, we had a blast inside!