Exercising Made Easy with X2 Performance #teamX2

I am an X2 Performance Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

A few weeks ago I was able to start trying out X2 Performance which is a pre-workout supplement. It's supposed to focus on increasing your energy and endurance by working with your body to increase your natural energy production. I completely love this idea because I don't like taking anything that gets me jittery. I can't even drink coffee because I can't stop having heart palpitations after.

This past month I've been using X2 Performance before my workouts which consist of Bollywood style dancing. Although this doesn't sound like a strenuous workout, afterwards you can really feel it. It's honestly my favorite type of exercise because it's so fun. I love dancing to music and I really love learning about new cultures so it's a perfect fit for me.

So before my workouts, I've taken X2 Performance. A few of the things I really like are that it's portable and really easy to carry with you if you happen to workout outside the house. I also love that it's not something that you need to mix. It's already ready for you to drink from the tiny 2oz bottle. And that's another plus because anyone knows how painful it can be to workout after drinking an entire glass of water. Believe me, it's not something I would ever want to do. As for the taste, it's sour so if you loved Warheads growing up, you'll love this stuff.

So how did I do after trying it? Let's just say that my workout didn't make me want to fall down and die afterwards. I'm not completely in shape so after a workout, I am exhausted and the shower water is actually painful. But with X2, I still had energy and the pain was minimal.

If you want to check out X2 for yourself, you can order a trial pack using this link and pay only shipping and handling which is $5.95.