Bundoo Helps New Moms With Their Burning Questions

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

When I first had Mary, I didn't have anyone around to really help out with questions I had. It was just me and my husband for the first year of her life so you can only imagine how scary and hard it was for a new mom and dad who had never had children before to go through all the firsts. Like the first time I had a change a diaper. Or the first time Mary was in pain. There were so many times I wished I had family around or even a forum that I could ask questions on to get knowledgeable and trusted answers.

Now with Bundoo, moms and dads can ask questions they have about their kids, read articles on parenting subjects, or even ask a certified pediatrician questions. 

One of the articles that immediately grabbed my attention was recently on the front page and it was about pet turtles and salmonella. Before Mary was born, my husband actually gave me a turtle as a present for my birthday. Believe it or not, before I was the bird lady, I was the turtle lady. I named that turtle Fred and he went everywhere with me. Even on vacations! We used to joke that he was a cross country turtle because he went everywhere from Florida to Maine, usually inside a special carrier filled with water and I carried it like a purse. In the car, I would let him crawl on the dashboard and he had even been on Amtrak!

I never thought I could get rid of Fred but then Mary was born. And after reading so many articles, I knew I had to either get rid of him or keep him in the basement of our house; away from Mary. So I put him in the basement, mostly because I was worried that he wouldn't be able to survive in a river in Maine since he was a southern turtle.

But it was thanks to many articles I read like the one on Bundoo that I was able to make that decision. Bundoo has so many different topics to read about too. Like the foods to not feed your kids, if stretch mark creams really work, and even how your child compares to milestone charts.

After checking out Bundoo for a few weeks, I'm really pleased with their vast array of knowledge for parents. Many articles have already helped me and I know they will help countless others as well. Plus the best part is that Bundoo is free with the added park of the paid Ask Bundoo option. So if you're looking for a great place to get advice for parenting, you need to check out Bundoo.