Use Play2Shop to Get Gifts for Valentine's Day

I am a Play2Shop Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

Back in December, I posted about Play2Shop and how I've been using them to earn free stuff. Just as a recap, Play2Shop lets you play games completely free that earn points on their site. The points add up and then you can cash out for prizes or bid on things you want. I started playing a few of the games on there and let me tell you, it's addicting! But it's a nice way to relax and actually earn things from just having good old fun. 

Since I've been using Play2Shop for months, I've accumulated a lot of points in my account to be able to redeem. And usually when I redeem them is when a holiday is coming up. Like last December I redeemed my points for a gift for my mom. 

Now with Valentine's day coming up, I'll be redeeming my points again, but you have a chance to get a great gift from Play2Shop too with my giveaway! Here's what you have a chance at winning!

1st place $100 cash payout via Play2Shop (via Paypal)
2nd Place $50 1800Flowers Gift Card
3rd Place $25 See's Candy Gift Card

The giveaway will end on February 10th at midnight so you can order your gifts for Valentine's Day! In order to win, you MUST be a member of Play2Shop so if you're not already, sign up here.