The Most Beautiful Thing I Have Ever Seen in My Life

So a few weeks back I posted about Pete and Buttons starting a family and how we had an egg. Well, the other day I heard chirping and I walked over to the cage to see what was going on. And there I saw it. One of the eggs was hatching! I picked it up and it hatched in my hand which was indescribable.

After looking at it, I gave the new baby back to Buttons and she immediately went to feed it. But what was even more amazing was that she had two other eggs under her so now we have three new babies!

I honestly can't wait until they all get their colors because I want to know what they're all going to look like. They are all so precious and I love holding them in my hands. Of course we're going to keep all three so I've been deciding on names for them already.

Have any of your animals ever had babies? Were you excited or scared?