Earn Free Rewards with Hasoffer - Free Gift Rewards

When I was pregnant with Mary, I used to sit at the computer for hours playing games. Mostly because I was a high risk pregnancy so I couldn't get out and do much. So to keep from going insane, I would sit online and play games for money. I also used to sign up for all those offers to eventually earn gift cards too. So during my pregnancy, that became a huge hobby of mine.

The only difference now is that back when I was pregnant, we didn't have smart phones. We had to use the computer for everything. But now you can play games and earn points for gift cards right from your phone! With Hasoffer - Free Gift Rewards, you can download free games and earn free rewards! And it's on Android too which is awesome!

Here's how Hasoffer - Free Gift Rewards works:

  • Install Hasoffer - Free Gift Rewards App on your Android device and register with your email. 
  • Get the hottest mobile games recommendation and install from Google Play. 
  • Get credits by free installing and playing the rewarding mobile games from Google Play. 
  • Unlock the beautiful wallpaper and play games to get credits.  
  • Redeem your credits into gift cards and in-kind rewards. 
  • Share Hasoffer - Free Gift Rewards with your friends via Facebook or Twitter and help them to get gift cards and in-kind rewards. 

Here's some of the feature of Hasoffer - Free Gift Rewards:

  • Get the most popular mobile games recommendation and free install from Google Play. 
  • Get 130 credits by installing and playing the rewarding games. 
  • Get credits reward by sharing Hasoffer - Free Gift Rewards with friends. 
  • 300 credits can redeem into 1$ gift card. 
  • $1 and $2 Amazon gift cards are available now. 
  • Other in-kind rewards are coming soon.
You can currently download Hasoffer - Free Gift Rewards from Google Play for free!



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