Don't Be a Feathery Hairy Beast!

This is a Lunchbox sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

This is my pet duck, Aflac.

She's a feathery hairy beast. And she's super spoiled too.

And although I love my duck, I don't want to end up looking like her.

Even though my husband says he can see a resemblance...

So how could I end up looking like my duck? By not shaving everyday! I think every woman knows what I'm talking about. If I don't shave everyday, I feel really uncomfortable. But shaving everyday isn't really great on your skin. Did you know that you lose up to 38% of your skin daily when you shave?

Seriously, that's completely insane. So you must have two options: Look like an animal and don't shave, or shave and lose skin. But there is another option for you out there! And that's using Dove deodorant!

Simply using Dove Deodorant after shaving soothes your sensitive skin and keeps you fresh with unstoppable 24-hour odor and wetness protection. My personal favorite one is the Invisible Solid in the Powder scent. It glides on clear to provide 24- hour odor and wetness protection plus it’s formulated with Dove moisturizers to give you soft, smooth underarms with a light, powder-fresh fragrance.

So don't look like an animal! Make sure to shave and then use Dove Deodorant to soothe your skin!