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This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson and Latina Bloggers Connect.

Johnson & Johnson and Univision have launched a campaign to find an authentic, modern and active family to become “La Familia de Hoy.” Right now there are three families in the running, the Lopez family, the Olivera family, and the Jimenez family.

The Lopez Family
A family with roots from Mexico and Guatemala. Leslie, the mother, and Giovanni, her husband, were born in Los Angeles, but her parents are from Mexico, and his are from Guatemala. Leslie and Giovanni have been married for 7 years. Leslie loves to be a stay-at- home mom, while Giovanni works as an insurance underwriter for film & TV production. Their son Julio is in first grade, is a rising soccer star in his club league is curious and outgoing, and is not shy to engage in conversation. Their daughter Amber loves to play with dolls, spend time with her grandparents and looks up to older brother Julio. The Family likes to spend their weekends together, attending Julio’s games and enjoying traditional breakfasts at grandma María Briseño’s house, where they’re also joined by grandpa Juan.

Grandpa is a retired accountant and Grandma is a charter school administrator. Leslie’s brother, Juan Jr., and his wife, Jessica, have a beautiful 6-month baby, Mila. Juan Jr works as a pharmacy tech and Jessica works as a teacher’s aid with autistic children. The entire family lives within 15 minutes of each other.

What do we like the most about Los López? They’re active and charismatic, and love to motivate Julio in his passion for soccer.

The Olivera Family
A very international family, with a huge passion for culture and sports. Milena, the mother, was born in Brazil, lived in El Salvador for many years and speaks Spanish, Portuguese and English fluently. She is a stay-at-home mom, and also likes to write and perform in theater whenever her schedule allows. Roberto, the father, is Peruvian/American, a photographer who also owns an online business that imports handmade gifts from artisans around the world. He has a dedicated passion for soccer and also coaches the teams of his twins, Lucas and Ana Luiza. The twins are in second grade, love school, enjoy playing sports, dancing and crafts. The youngest member of the family is Matteo; a newborn baby will be joining the family in March 2014. Milena and Roberto have been together for over 15 years. Maternal grandparents live in Brazil; Paternal grandparents live in Texas, and visit frequently.

What do we like the most about the Olivera family? They’re a modern, aspirational, healthy and very loving family, with a huge passion for soccer and the arts.

The Jimenez Family
A family as big as the love that binds them together. Los Jiménez, who are predominantly Mexican, are composed of three families whose houses are connected by their backyards. In the first house lives grandma Neydi and her oldest son, Juan, together with his wife Bivianna, from Colombia, and their kids Elisa, Diego and Benicio. In the second house lives Juan’s brother, Alejandro, with his wife Patricia and their children Pablo, Lily and Leonardo, who will be born in January 2014. They’re also joined by Nut, a bulldog whose favorite hobby is playing soccer. In the third house we’ll find brother Andrés, with his wife Pixie and their daughters Andrea and Danitza.

What is our favorite thing about the Jiménez? Their sense of family union, their laughter and love for life. We also love their BBQ’s and Nut, their bulldog, who always fights for the soccer ball.

So who will you be voting for? I think all the families have something great and special, but my family of choice is the Jimenez family because I have a special place for big families. I really think they covey Familia de Hoy the best because of how they are all able to bond together.

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