RocksBox Subscription Box

Do you like to make your wardrobe new and exciting? How about your jewelry? Then you need to check out RocksBox! You go online and fill out a style profile so they know just what you like. Then they send you a box with three designer jewelry items for you to wear! You can even buy them at a discount if you fall in love with them! Once you're done, you ship the jewelry back in the prepaid mailer they give you and you get a new box. Plus you can return the boxes as often as you like! So it's not just monthly! Right now I have a six month membership and I returned my first box after a week. So if I do this for each box, then I'll be getting 24 boxes instead of just 4 if it was strictly monthly!

Overall I recommend them wholeheartedly! They are amazing, the customer service is great, and the jewelry is quality. My first box was worth over $200 so I loved wearing everything. And for a few bucks a month, it's totally worth it if you love new stuff!