LightKeeperPro Helps Save Your Holiday Lights #WattsUp @LightkeeperPro

I think everyone has been in the same boat as me with holiday lights. One year they work just fine and the the next year when you get them out, the whole strand is black.  Or maybe there's a few bad bulbs mixed in now. I for one hate when that happens because it means I have to go to the store and buy new ones. And that means I'm spending money because of one bulb that blew. But not anymore!

The lights above are very special to me and can't be replaced easily. They are Hanukkah lights that I was able to find in a store in Alabama when I went for the day so I can't just go buy another strand either. And as you can see, there are a few bulbs that aren't lighting anymore. So with the help of LightKeeper Pro, I'll be able to fix them!

How it works: 
Plug, Click And Fix: Plug the light set into the AC outlet, remove bulb from unlit section, insert LightKeeper Pro and click the trigger.

The LightKeeperPro is very simple and effective! Overall I'm really impressed with it because it can even tell you by beeping when a bulb is bad or not. If you have holiday lights, then you need the LightKeeperPro!