GS Preschool Games App

We've been home-schooling Mary for about two years now. This year is actually her official first year according to the state but she's already doing first grade material. Mostly because I just can't hold her back. She is so smart and moves ahead quickly so I love teaching her new things. 

One thing we always did when she was little was a lot of preschool stuff. I wanted to see if she could catch on and since she did, we were able to move ahead quickly. She was already learning the alphabet and numbers at three years old!

Even though she does first grade material now, she still loves to chill out and play games. And when she does, I always make sure they are educational. with GS Preschool Games, you can rest assured that your kids are going to be learning while they have fun!

The app comes with a lot of different style games that are perfect for preschoolers to gain knowledge and skills to help them get ahead in kindergarten. It includes 9 thoughtfully designed fun games, containing very colorful and attractive images/sounds. Kids can enjoy playing these games for hours without getting bored, and at the same time learning skills, which are carefully incorporated in the design of each game. What makes this app special is that so many different types of games are present in a single place, which are normally found in separate different apps. 

Mary's personal favorite games are the mazes and what I love is that right after a game, another different kind pops up so it automatically entices your child to want to play more. And by playing more, they are learning more. To keep kids challenged, points are awarded for each game stage completed. A scoreboard is maintained which kids can see after each game. When your child scores enough points, he/she earns a sticker of his/her choice. All his/her earned stickers are kept in a box which he/she can relish any time they want later. 

Currently the app is available on Google Play and iTunes for free. I personally have it on Google Play on my daughter's tablet and she loves it!