Butterball® Cookbook Plus Makes Cooking Easy

Have you ever wanted to make the perfect recipe for the holidays but just didn't have time to sort through a bunch of cookbooks? With Butterball® Cookbook Plus, you can easily find the recipes you need all in one easy app!

With more than just recipes, Butterball Cookbook Plus is a complete meal solution. Get instant access to turkey-tastic shopping guides, how-to videos, preparation tips, conversation charts and even kitchen timers that will help you roast that turkey to perfection!

Here are some of the awesome features of this app:

  • Butterball® Cookbook Plus is only FREE for a limited time 
  • For guests with dietary restrictions, Butterball® Cookbook Plus also features in-app purchases for additional themed recipe packs 
  • Voice Commands: Advance recipe instructions, with simple voice 
  • My Recipe Box: Bookmark your favorite recipes from within the app and add recipes from your personal collection 
  • Network with Friends and Family: Share what you're cooking with friends and family via email and Facebook 
  • Kitchen Tools: Access to multiple timers, substitution lists, and measurement conversion charts 
  • Shopping List: Tag ingredients directly from a recipe and add them your shopping list. Print or email your list. 
  • Have questions? Check out articles from experts (ie: roasting and thawing schedules) and how-to videos (ie: how to carve a turkey)

I personally love that you can easily find conversions and substitutions in the app too. I am always looking up that stuff online and this will save so much time!

My personal favorite recipe so far is the Turkey with English Muffin and Rice Stuffing. It looks delicious and seems really easy to make. Plus the presentation makes it perfect for a new years celebration too! I can't wait to try it out on new years eve!

Currently, the Butterball® Cookbook Plus is available for free in iTunes for a limited time!
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