Be a Star with Mini Pupstars

Have you ever been to a dog show? Everything looks so beautiful and in its place, but it didn't get that way by chance. Dog shows take a lot to set up and the dogs get total makeovers before they even start. And now, you can makeover a dog your way too without having to spend hundreds of dollars!

And guess what else? Now you don't have to dress up your own dog! I mean, who's dog likes wearing tiaras anyways?

With Mini Pupstars, you can have a dog makeover just like in the competitions. You can chose from 4 different 3D dogs and you can wash, cut and style their hair just like a pro. You can even make it grow faster if needed!

Don't forget the accessories! After making your pup beautiful, accessorize them to get them ready for the show! You can photograph them on the red carpet when you're all done and also you can dress them up for the holidays now too!

My rating for the game is full five stars. It's creative and keeps kids busy! Currently the game is recommended for age 5+ and it's $1.99 on iTunes!