Talking About Typhoon Haiyan With Your Kids #channelonenews @ChannelOneNews

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Channel One News. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Do you talk to your kids about world events? So often our kids hear about stories happening in other parts of the world, like the Philippines, and have a hard time processing events in a place so far away and seemingly so foreign. In our house, we try to make sure to tell Mary about world events and answer all her questions. Some people would rather hide the truth from their kids, but I personally don't want my daughter in a bubble.

When the Sandy Hook shooting took place earlier this year, a lot of parents with young kids didn't even explain it to their kids but we sat down with Mary and told her exactly what happened. And then we told her that's a big reason why we home-school her too.

With Typhoon Haiyan devastating the Philippines, we made a point to talk to Mary about what had happened. It also helped that I know someone personally who went through the Typhoon and they had plenty of pictures to share, especially of their house and how it was completely destroyed. It made Mary realize how lucky she was to still have a house and it automatically made her want to help all those in need.

Channel One News helps students learn about other parts of the world and the people who live there by sending their correspondents – whom they have gotten to know in their classrooms on a daily basis -- to where the news is happening. In addition, also provides additional context and resources including maps, videos and ways to get involved.

Since Mary is really wanting to help those in the Phillippines, Channel One News has a great page on how to send help to the people who really need it. We were able to donate right online to help and Mary felt good knowing that she was able to reach out to those in need.

If you're looking for ways to talk about world events with your kids, I encourage you to register at at You do need to make sure to choose “parent” in the drop down so you can be guided to home use when you’re logged in.