Relief for Eczema is in Sight!

This post was written for the Eucerin Skin First Council. All opinions are my own.

When Mary was born, she was a very healthy baby. But she started to develop these patches of itchy red bumps all over her. Mostly they were on her back and arms and we hoped with age they would go away, but they didn't. And as she's gotten older, they have become more itchy for her. 

A typical day in our house consists of me bathing Mary is soap that is all natural and made from oatmeal to help with her itchy skin and also giving her backrubs to help soothe the itch. But the running joke in our family is that Mary needs her own back-scratcher because she's always asking someone to scratch her back. Even though we do a lot to help her out, it seems that certain days she has terrible flare ups and her back is red, bumpy and itchy everywhere. 

The other day we were able to try out Eucerin Skin Calming lotion on her to see if it would help a terrible flare up. Poor Mary was just lying in bed waiting for someone to come rub her so I hoped that it would help take the itch away quickly.

As you can see in the picture, her back was just covered in red itchy bumps. They were driving her crazy so I wasted no time in rubbing her back down. As soon as I started rubbing her, Mary said it felt very cool and the itch subsided. I was very relieved that she was feeling better and that the Eucerin had really worked!

Did you know that Eczema affects 30 million people? That's a whole lot of itch going around! But fortunately, Eucerin makes a wonderful line of products that cater to people with Eczema and they really do work! Just ask Mary about her back and she'll tell you she's feeling much better these days. 

Do you know someone who suffers from Eczema? Have they tried Eucerin yet? If they haven't make sure to have them check out Eucerin's Facebook Page to find out more information about them! They won't be sorry!