Master the Season with Mastercard

This year MasterCard is sharing simple tools to help alleviate some of the holiday chaos and stress, enabling you to Master the Season and take time back to enjoy with friends and family.

When it comes to finding the perfect gift: 
  • Dining with a Top Chef? Box seats at the Super Bowl? MasterCard helps you give the gift of experience with its Priceless Cities program, which gives cardholders extraordinary experiences, exclusive offers and privileged access to culinary, shopping, sports, travel and entertainment events. 
  • Want to avoid the unfortunate yearly tradition of returning or re-gifting? Give your tweens or teen a SpendSmart MasterCard Prepaid card. The card will help teach how to budget and with instant text alerts, keep you connected as purchases happen.

When it comes to holiday shopping: 
  • Divide and Conquer: Don’t do everything yourself. Empower your kids to make their own gift purchases. Set budget limits by loading a MYPLASH Reloadable Prepaid card for them—it works everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted. 
  • Build a Budget: Write down how much you can afford for gifts, travel and other expenses. Use one credit or debit card for everything to help keep an accurate record. A prepaid card limits spend to the amount on the loaded on the card. 

When it comes to holiday travel: 
  • Fuel Your Trip: Join a free loyalty program that helps save money at the gas pump. MasterCard’s partnership with Fuel Rewards Network allows members to do just that. 
  • Check Your Offers: Check with your membership associations or credit cards for special travel offers. For example, World and World Elite MasterCard cardholders get valuable saving, upgrades and experiences including ‘best available price’ across all travel categories—air, private jet, cruise, chauffeured car service or rental, packaged tours and concierge.

Mastercard would love to see you put to use some of the above tips so they are offerin a $50 Mastercard to one winner! Please note that the winner will have to fill out a W9 directly from the PR firm responsible for shipping the gift card. I myself will not see the W9. You will send that directly to the PR company. If you don't feel comfortable filling one out, please refrain from entering.