Mary Trying to Train Pete Parakeet to Step Up

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Our love of animals is pretty well known around here. Take for instance, Mary and Mr. Pete. We got Mr. Pete as our first parakeet years ago and he pretty much grew up with Mary. So he lets her do anything to him, even trying to teach him how to skateboard, but that's another video!

Out of all the birds we have, Pete plays with Mary the most which is odd because it used to be Skeeter. But now Pete is her buddy and they do a lot of stuff together. Including Mary watching assorted YouTube videos and trying to copy the tricks with Pete.

A few days ago, Mary watched a video on how to train a parakeet to step up on your fingers. Of course she had to try it out with Pete so here's her version of the video.

Believe me when I say that bird loves her, especially for him to kiss her on the lips voluntarily after she picked him up in her hand!

Do you love animals? I've always had a fondness in my heart for all animals and I wish I could have them all but of course, my house wouldn't fit them.

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