MammaBaby Can Help You With Your Newborn

When you have a new baby, you can use all the help you can get. And that's where MammaBaby comes in. MammaBaby is the only user-interactive baby logging app designed to help new parents raise their newborns. You can share responsibility with other caregivers through automatic data sync. Tips and guidelines are provided for every milestone you record and you can easily monitor trends in your baby data using various interactive charts.

What I love is that you're keeping track of literally everything going on with your newborn so if any changes happen and they get sick, you have the perfect records for the doctor too. When Mary was little, I kept track of everything and then she developed terrible stomach problems. It was because of how well I kept track of things that the doctor was able to figure out she was allergic to milk.

MammaBaby has the following features to improve your parenting experiences with your precious ones: 
1) Track daily activities and growth using interactive charts with WHO percentiles
2) Establish routines with feeding, sleeping, and medicine alarms
3) Help your baby stay on track with feeding/sleeping guidelines in daily summary page and milestone-driven parenting tips
4) Fully synchronized App-Web environment for data management, various charts and graphs, growth and poop color analysis, etc.
5) Share milestone moments with your family and friends
6) Help your baby achieve key baby milestones with timely parenting tips provided for every milestone you record.

So if you have a newborn and want to make sure you remember and keep track of everything you can, download MammaBaby today. Currently it's on iTunes for $3.99.