Making Homemade Mocha Peppermint Bark #GMIcedLatte

I'm going to confess something. My husband is a coffee addict. That's right, he loves coffee so much that he even drinks it all night long. I don't think a day could go by without him drinking coffee. And most recently, he was introduced to ice coffee and it's his new favorite thing.

So when I was asked to try out the new Green Mountain Coffee Espresso Iced Lattes, of course I said yes because I knew my husband would have a fit over them. And like I guessed, I was right.

Right now I was able to find them in my local Walmart store and my husband was with me when I went to find them. When I did and got back into the car, he immediately said he couldn't wait until he got home to try them so he pulled through a drive-thru to get a cup of ice! He then poured his ice coffee in and drank the whole way home.

Once we got home though, I wanted to experiment with it since I love to cook so much. And it was my daughter who gave me the idea of making homemade peppermint bark with it. So together we set out into the kitchen to see just what we were going to do.

1 pound chocolate
1 pound white chocolate
Candy Canes
6 tablespoons Green Mountain Espresso Iced Latte in flavor Mocha

Line your pans with waxed paper. It should curl up to protect the sides.
Crush your peppermint candies into small bits in a food processor.
Chop your darker chocolate into small bits and put into a microwave bowl. Add the Green Mountain Espresso Ice Latte to it and then stir to make sure everything is combined. Put in the microwave and melt the chocolate.
Pour the melted darker chocolate into your wax paper lined pans. Make sure to spread it evenly.
Melt the white chocolate the exact same way as the darker chocolate. Once the darker chocolate has thickened a bit, pour the white chocolate over top and spread across evenly.
Sprinkle candy cane pieces over top of the white layer and place in a cool place for the chocolate to harden.
Then cut up and enjoy!

So it's safe to say that it's coffee time in our house tonight!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Green Mountain. The opinions and text are all mine.