Have Quality Family Time with SpiritClips from Hallmark

In our house, we pride ourselves for only watching family friendly movies or shows. We actually don't even have cable in our house anymore because you just can't monitor what you let your children see anymore. Sure, you can try and know the shows they see, but there's nothing you can do about commercials and sometimes those need a rating themselves!

So I was thrilled to have been able to try SpiritClips from Hallmark. With SpiritClips, you get access to family-friendly content (originals like Curiosity, Hallmark Hall of Fame Movies, and thoughtfully selected Hollywood classics) anytime anywhere. Plus SpiritClips will never feature a film, which contains: R rating, excessive violence, language, or nudity, irreverence, political agendas or divisive social issues so you can know everything that you will watch will be safe for the whole family.

We got to watch an original short clip called Curiosity which was about the twelve year old girl Clara Ma who won the Mars Rover naming contest. Even though the clip itself was short, it help a powerful message which was to never give up on your curiosity because you have no idea how far it will take you.

Overall I love the SpiritClips service and I can't wait to be able to watch family friendly movies again! SpiritClips include Dove Foundation certified and approved original shorts, series and documentaries. Plus there are so many ways to watch them too! Watch on multiple stream-to-tv devices such as a Roku , BOXEE, and NeoTV and you can stream SpiritClips content via on your iOS device or Android device!

Now you can sign up for a 1 Week Free Trial to subscribe for $4.99 per month or $35.99 annually which is totally worth it if you want family friendly programming wherever you are!

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