Good Skin Care Habits for the Winter #Eucerin #SkinFirst

In the winter, like most people, my skin gets very red and chapped. Because of this, I try to stay out of the cold for long periods of time, but sometimes it can't be helped. Like when I'm changing the duck...

I can't wear gloves when I change Aflac outside because I have to feel the buckles and make sure everything is attached. Plus I give her a bath daily so getting gloves wet would be pointless. So since gloves are out of the question when I'm with Aflac, I've started using Eucerin Intensive Repair before going outside to make sure my hands are protected.

Eucerin helps keep my hands feeling smooth and most importantly, they don't burn when I go outside. I've been using Eucerin every day and I can tell a huge difference in my hands already.

If your hands burn in the winter like mine do, here's a few tips to help relieve the pain.
  • Make sure to wear gloves when you can! 
  • Wash your hands with lukewarm water, not hot. Using hot water can cause skin to lose natural oils and nutrients.
  • Getting a full night of sleep can get your skin looking and feeling better.
  • Use Eucerin after washing and drying your hands. It will help the redness and also will help to keep them hydrated which will cut down on the burning.
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