An Interview with Karla Jansen from 5 Will Drive

This was a sponsored post but all opinions are my own!

This past week, I was able to interview Karla Jansen from 5 Will Drive about her quintuplets who are all learning to drive at the same time!

(Katherine) When I was first learning how to drive, my mom was a nervous nelly and refused to get in a car with me. How can a parent keep their cool when they have their kids behind the wheel?

(Karla) Each parent is going to act differently, as for us, Jeff is pretty calm with all of the kids. Of course this is his nature out of the car too. I'm probably the most nervous one in the car but it helps to keep reminding yourself not to overreact. This is why I probably have left finger indents on the passenger side door handle. I guess when I think about it, my child is probably more nervous than I am and it won't help them learn if I overreact to the little things.

(Katherine) What was the first thing you started off with when your kids got behind the wheel for the first time? Any certain place you took them first to practice?

(Karla) We started in a parking lot. Starting, stopping, turning etc. until they we felt it was safe to enter the neighborhood streets. Some people we know have started in a cemetery. There is nothing to damage there but your own car. Just kidding, but it really is a great place for them to practice. Plenty of twists and turns to help them with steering.

(Katherine) I never understood anything about insurance coverage until I was an adult. What's the best coverage for a teen driver?

(Karla) Our kids don't need to be added to our auto policy yet since they only have their Learner's Permit. Before they get their Provisional Operator's Permits, which will allow them to drive alone, we'll contact our State Farm Agent to find out what's the best coverage for them.

(Katherine) Were any of the kids scared to drive at all? I myself knew I wasn't ready until I was 16 instead of 15.

(Karla) Actually, three of the kids have no problem with going out. They are always asking when they get to go out driving again. The other two are a little more hesitant, but again it's their nature to be that way with almost everything new. We never force them to do anything they're not comfortable with, but we will encourage them to try mastering a new skill. One of them realized the other night that she was really nervous about driving at night. Afterwards, she responded, that it wasn't so bad after all.

(Katherine) Does mom help teach any of the kids to drive or is dad the only brave one to teach?!

(Karla) Jeff is the one who gets out with them the most. I am now going out more often because they've each mastered most of the basics. I have been the one to take our most reluctant driver out because Jeff's tendencies to overreact at this time are pretty high. He thinks I'm more patient.

(Katherine) And the biggest question of all, what happens when they all get their licenses? Will they each get a car or will a schedule be made out to share one?

(Karla) We will be excited when they can finally drive themselves to the extra curricular activities. No they won't each get a car to drive. We will have a Suburban for them to share until they can pay for a car and insurance on their own.

So what do you think? Could you teach 5 teens to drive at the same time?