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When Mary was first born, I never had any sleep. No one had ever told me that babies seriously never sleep at all. And after about one day, I was ready to give up. I was an only child and had never even babysat in my entire life. In the hospital, the nurses had to literally show me how to change a diaper because I had no idea how to.

So when we brought Mary home, I thought it was going to be a team effort. But of course, I was wrong. My husband woke up early to go to work and got back twelve hours later so during the day, I took care of Mary. And since he worked, I had night duty too because he needed sleep for his job. So this was my normal face everyday.

And then sometimes it was this.

And then finally, it usually ended in this.

Mary usually woke up every two hours for a bottle and a diaper change so when she slept, I slept, literally. And she didn't start sleeping straight through the night until she was six months old. So in between that night, I was a walking nightmare. All I wanted was sleep. I didn't care about anything else, just sleep. If you couldn't tell by now, I don't do good with sleep deprivation.

And many other moms are in the same exact boat as me. So I was given a mission. To give the gift of sleep to a mom who really needs it. And that mom I decided was my old neighbor before I moved to my new house. She had just had a baby and her husband worked nights. So she had the baby during the night and day just like me. So packed with two packages of pampers and a VISA gift card, I decided to give her something I wished I could have had just for one day when Mary was little.

A one night stay at a luxury hotel and spa.

I searched the internet for great deals on hotels in our area and finally found a hotel package with a spa for two included so I booked it. And then I surprised them with their confirmation and told them to get ready so we could go down and get them settled in!

They ended up leaving the new baby with a grandparent for a night and the grandparent got two brand new packs of Pampers to make sure they were fully covered! And the happy couple got a king size bed in this beautiful room so they could sleep, sleep, and sleep.

Seriously, look at these pillows. They were going to get a lot of sleep!

And then when they couldn't sleep anymore, they had double spa treatments in the hotel too. (Even though I think the mom deserved it all to herself!)

So after I left them to themselves, they told me they crashed. Both of them, from the time they checked in to the next afternoon! But I was happy to hear that after that mini experience with sleep and a spa, they both were ready to start again!

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