Our Brand New Keter Bench

Since moving to our new house two months ago, we found that we had a lot of extra space. And for me, extra space is something I want to decorate! So the first place I wanted to decorate was the front porch which was completely empty.

Our old house was connected to another one so we had a shared porch with another family. I didn't really keep things on it because I didn't feel like it was completely mine. But now our new house is private and the porch is all mine so I decided I wanted a bench for it.

My first stop was to check out Keter online because I love their benches and the look of their furniture. Plus I really wanted something that would be useful too. Not only for a place to sit, but something with storage since my front porch seems to be a place that gathers a bunch of outdoor stuff to just sit there.

After looking, I ended up choosing the Eden Garden Bench because it's gorgeous and has a lockable storage area. I could just see it on my porch with pillows on it and a table next to it.

When it was delivered, my husband ended up putting it together. It didn't take long at all and was very easy to assemble too. And you all know my husband - he usually puts things together backwards so I'm always putting stuff together for myself!

This was our finished bench and it came out perfect! Plus right in the middle has a place I can put a padlock if I had things in there that needed to be locked up. But since there's only toys in there right now, I don't need it. The bench itself is very comfortable and really does support your weight too. And I love having a nice place to sit on my front porch now!