Help is Here for Fertility Issues #TheStork

When you want to start a family, finding out you're pregnant can be one of the most joyful experiences of your life - and I know from personal experience that getting to that milestone isn't always easy.

My husband and I got married when I was very young but we still knew that we wanted to start a family. We started trying and almost instantly we found out I was pregnant. But about a month later, I lost the baby. It really devastated my husband but we knew we still wanted to keep trying. So we did but after that miscarriage, we had a really hard time getting pregnant again. It seemed everything we tried just didn't help at all. And we were always so disappointed when we would go to my OB/GYN to take a pregnancy test and it would come out negative.

It eventually took us six months to conceive Mary and like I said, I was young. We got married on my eighteenth birthday so I should have been in perfect condition to bear children. But while carrying Mary, I was very sick. My pregnancy was a high risk one and when I left the house, I was usually in a wheelchair because I couldn't walk far. My doctor was terrified that I would lose her like I did the first baby.

I ended up gaining sixty pounds from my pregnancy too because I had HELLP syndrome and because of not being able to walk far at all. And then it came time for one of my normal checkups with my doctor and she said my blood pressure was very high. She was extremely concerned and told me to get down to the hospital right after I left her office. So we went home and got my bags and rushed to the hospital. Right when we got there I was hooked up to all kinds of machines and put in a monitoring room. My body wasn't doing well and they decided to try and induce labor so I could have Mary before something happened. So they gave me an IV and waited until the next morning but nothing happened. My body wasn't going into labor at all. So the last thing I remembered was them walking me into another room and looking at me and then everything went black. And when I finally woke up, my husband was holding Mary.

The doctors later told me that if they had waited any longer, I would have died. My blood platelets were so low that they had no idea how I had survived. And then they also told me that my body wasn't strong enough to have children and to never get pregnant again because I might not survive.

I'm not the only woman who has gone though pregnancy and also fertility issues. Today, approximately 7.3 million couples (1 in 6 couples) in the United States have difficulty conceiving. But now there's a great new way to be able to conceive in your own house without having to go through all the trouble and expense of IVFs.

The Stork Conception System is indicated for assisted insemination in instances where low sperm count, sperm immobility, or hostile vaginal environment has been diagnosed. The system (cervical cap in a condom-like silicone sheath) is used to collect semen into a cervical cap, and then deliver the cap to the outside of the cervix as an aid to conception. It is to be used at home following physician instructions. Because of the low price on The Stork, many physicians are recommending that couples do this process three times/month during a women’s optimal ovulation cycle.

Benefits of The Stork: 
  • Proven technique: Physician technique now available for use in the privacy of home 
  • Safe: FDA Authorized prescription product. Non-reusable device 
  • Natural: Drug-free product that requires no drugs 
  • Non-invasive: Requires no injections or surgery 
  • Easy-to-Use: Condom-like in collection, tampon-like in delivery 
  • Cost-effective: Compared to “next-step” treatment options
  • Completely latex free
How to Purchase The Stork 
1. Contact healthcare provider for prescription
2. Purchase The Stork from the website o Choose from one device or a one-month supply of three individually packaged Stork devices.

  • $79.99 for one or $210 for a one-month supply 
  • Pre-natal vitamins are also available for both the male and female on The Stork store website 
  • Submit a copy of the prescription through email, fax or mail for verification by Rinovum 

3. The Stork ships directly to your home -Two shipping options available:

  • Overnight (if placed between M-F by 3 PM) 
  • Ground (5-7 business days)
The Stork is proving to be a great alternative to invasive fertility procedures and I'm excited to see the results from couples using it!