Fun Science Experiments with The Young Scientists Club

When it comes to home-school, Mary loves to do experiments the best. Most of the time throughout the day, I can catch her in the bathroom trying to do science experiments with the water. So when I was asked to review the Magic School Bus Weather Lab from The Young Scientists Lab, she was thrilled.

The Weather Lab came in a box that looked that the real Magic School Bus. Since we own every single episode of the show, Mary knew and loved everything about the set! Included in the box were most of the items you would need for the experiments and also cards on how to do the experiments as well.

The first card we ended up doing was building our weather station. On the back, it showed us what the completed station would look like and then on a few other cards, it showed how to put together some of the harder parts of the weather station.

This was our completed weather station. Mary helped make most of it and when we finished, I let her touch and explore it for sensory development. She learns so much better when she can touch things so she played with it for a while.

As you can see, she really enjoyed this science kit and now that the weather station is complete, we can start tracking the weather and recording our findings. There are many other experiments in the box to do as well like make clouds in a bottle and also making a sundial. I really like how the experiments are tailored for kids to understand science easier too.

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