Do You Remember When You Were Flat Broke? #2brokegirls

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When my husband and I first met and got married, we were flat broke. To say we were poor would have been an understatement. We actually lived with his parents for the first few months because my husband had lost his job and we had no way to make ends meet. And then we found out we were pregnant. That was a very scary thing. Being flat broke and finding out in nine short months, you're going to need to have it all together. 

I remember we didn't even have internet, phone or cable so there was no way to contact us. When my husband sent out resumes, he would email them from the local library. And if we needed to print something out, we would search the car for $0.10 to do it. Sometimes we didn't even have that so we would pull over into a parking lot and I would walk around looking for change. 

And for dinner at night, we would go into our yard and find worms to go fishing with. And whatever fish we caught, that was dinner. 

See, I told you we were poor. But thankfully things got a lot better for us as the years went by.

I think everyone was broke at one point in their lives and that's probably why so many people can relate to the new show, 2 Broke Girls. The show is a comedy about the unlikely friendship that develops between two very different young women who meet waitressing at a diner and form a bond over their dream of one day owning their own successful cupcake business. Only one thing stands in their way – they’re broke.

Sarcastic, street-smart Max Black met the sophisticated, school-smart Caroline Channing when the uptown trust fund princess was having a run of bad luck due to her father’s Wall Street scandal, which caused her to lose all her money and forced her to give waitressing a shot. At first, Max sees Caroline as an entitled rich girl, but she’s surprised to find that Caroline has as much substance as she does style. When Caroline discovers Max’s knack for baking amazing cupcakes, she visualizes a lucrative future for them and they begin to save money to reach their start-up money goal of $250,000. As the girls’ cupcake tally expands week-to-week, they become closer to their goal and to each other.

2 Broke Girls has moved to a NEW TIME - Mondays at 8:30/7:30c on CBS so make sure to tune in!