Checking Out Some of the Best Toys for Kids of 2013 from Astra @TheWoohooFactor

Each year, ASTRA has searched and put together a list of the best toys of the year. The toys all need to fit into a certain criteria too. They need to be unique, fun, quality and local. So that means even the little companies will have a chance at making the list!

ASTRA has it's Best Toys of 2013 list up right now and we were lucky enough to check some out for our home-school.

The first toy we received is called Zingo and it's a game to help kids learn sight words. Basically how you play is exactly like bingo (the rules for bingo can be found in this site) except instead of balls with numbers, you get words from the red machine. You take turns until one player completely fills up their card. Mary really enjoyed this game a lot and during the game, she was even saying some of the words she knew already.

The second toy we got was the Pulsar Powerball kit. It's a science kit that you use crystals and water to make a glowing bounce ball. Mary had so much fun and honestly, it's awesome!

This was Mary's finished ball that we did in rainbow colors. Basically how you do it is you put the pulsar light in the middle of the ball mold and then pour in your colors like sand art. Close up the mold and put it in a cup of water for about a minute and a half. Then take it out to dry, pop the mold open and you have a ball!

What's so great about these toys is that they promote creativity and learning. Some toys don't have any benefit to children at all now so I'm very impressed with both of them! And plus, they're local!

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