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This is a Fashionista Event. I was given a promotional item to review by 9thandElm.com to share my opinions about the website. All opinions are my own.

As a lover of fashion, I've always been fond of jewelry that matched everything perfectly. But I love unique pieces that no one else will have but you. I don't want to be a clone of anyone else so when I dress, I dress in my own style.

Recently I was able to review four lovely pieces of jewelry from 9thandElm.com and I really had fun matching them with different colors.

This gorgeous bracelet was made by a designer called GhostLove. Since I've always loved victorian type items, I was drawn to this. It's  a cuff bracelet and I ended up matching it with a black button up shirt underneath a ruby lace dress for a haunted type look.

Overall I think it fit well with the outfit. I also received a lovely pair of clock earrings from GhostLove as well and I wore them with this same outfit since they pulled together the look.

My next two items I got were from Trend Alert on 9thandElm.com and they were also used in the same outfit. For this one, I ended up wearing a beautiful blue cashmere sweater over a brown skirt.

The first item I got was a beautiful maple leaf necklace that hung really low so I wanted to wear a nice sweater with it so it could get the attention. The second item was a anchor bracelet that I really liked because it could be worn so easily with a lot of different styles.

Overall I really enjoyed shopping on 9thandElm.com because it was easy to look through a lot of different styles to find things you really liked. I loved all the choices you had and having them in one place makes shopping online easier.

Now it's your turn to win something from 9thandElm.com! 
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