Does Your Cat Need a Grain Free Diet? #HillsPet

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Growing up, my mom never owned cats when I was young because she had terrible allergies. But she loved them so much that every time she saw one, she would hold it no matter how many times she sneezed. So eventually she thought instead of taking shots to build up an immunity to her allergies, she would get two cats! Of course her allergies went crazy soon after but a few months later she was perfectly normal again. And that started her lifelong passion for kitties.

I can't remember just how many cats I had growing up, but we sure had a lot. Every time my mom went to the shelter, she always brought back a new cat. It got so bad in fact that my dad put a cap on just how many my mom had at the time! Of course she went back to the shelter the next day because she's the type of person you just don't tell what to do!

Growing up with so many cats, I know how important it is to feed them properly. One of our cats, Jazzy, got very sick and needed a special diet. My mom ended up getting him Science Diet and soon after he was back to his old self.

Most people don't understand that animals can have allergies just like people can to foods. And if you wouldn't feed your children something they're allergic to, then why would you to your pet? Some cats have sensitivities to grains so that's why Science Diet has made Grain-Free food for cats!

NEW Hill’s Science Diet Grain-Free Cat Food offers the precise balance of nutrients your cat needs for optimal health without any grains! It’s made with REAL CHICKEN as the FIRST ingredient and has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The optimal blend of grain-free natural ingredients in Science Diet supports healthy kidneys, immune system and good vision while providing nourishment for a radiant and lustrous skin and coat.

It's very important to make sure you know what you're feeding your animals. Sometimes when grains need to be replaced in pet food, sweet potatoes are used instead causing the carbohydrate count to increase. That's not too healthy either! But Science Diet doesn't do that; they're main ingredient is chicken!

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