A Little Book About Friendship

Have you ever wanted to teach your young ones about friendship at an early age? In A Little Book about Friendship, hand-crafted characters and soothing knit backgrounds visually captivate young kids as they take a trip to a playground where Lionel the lion and Louie the lamb meet. These two opposites have a grand time until Lionel unintentionally scares Louie. This relatable tale gives parents and teachers a tool to teach conflict-resolution at a very young age. This book reinforces critical social skills by offering a kid-friendly take on how to make, keep and nurture lasting friendships.

The book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and also Ruby's Studio.

About the Author 
SAMANTHA KURTZMAN-COUNTER is a children’s book author, children’s show producer and director, and President of the The Mother Company. She is also mother to a little whippersnapper named Jack, who just entered Kindergarten.

About Ruby’s Studio 
Ruby's Studio award-winning books have helped thousands of children deepen their understanding of feelings, resolve conflicts with friends and explore their social and emotional worlds. Our series has won some of the most prestigious publishing and parenting awards, including:
• 2013 Smart Choice Book Award
• 2013 National Parenting Publications Honors Award
• 2012 Gold Mom's Choice Award

About The Mother Company 
Ruby’s Studio is created by The Mother Company As mothers of preschoolers, we know first-hand that the most important lessons we try to teach our young children are based in social and emotional learning: how to be a good friend, how to share, how to be nice to your sibling, how to move past bedtime struggles, how to deal with separation, etc. We wanted help teaching our children these crucial life lessons. The ABC’s and 123’s will come; the main challenge in raising a young child is how to best lay the foundation to become a good person.

So we formed The Mother Company and set out to create both a line of products that would help young children with emotional literacy (Ruby's Studio), and a beautiful, easy to navigate website with the best expert advice for parents (www.themotherco.com). Our products for children include DVDs, downloads, books, apps, dolls and music (with more on the way soon.) With everything we do, we strive to produce products and articles that help solve our common parenting problems in a uniquely beautiful, enriching way.
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One winner will win a $25 Amazon gift card to be able to order a copy of A Little Book About Friendship!