Magic Castle- The Sticker Book App

When I was a little girl, I remember collecting stickers was the "in" thing. In fact, Lisa Frank stickers meant you were really cool so I had a bunch of them. And to keep them all, I had a sticker book so I could save them for years. So of course, Mary loves stickers now too but she doesn't keep sticker books because she found a fun new app that is an interactive sticker book instead!

In Magic Castle, you can make your own story with the stickers you choose. Make it silly, make it fun, or just plain crazy! You decide and tell it your way!

The stickers also have animations and sounds so everything seems to feel magical in the app. Mary started playing it and made an entire story with her stickers on it. And when you like your page, snap a picture and save it to your album so you can always have your sticker collection!

Magic Castle is available on iTunes for $1.99. And if you want to learn about them more, follow them on Facebook!