The 2013 Ford CMAX Hybrid is the Best Hybrid Ever! @Ford_Southeast

When I turned seventeen, my grandfather bought me a brand new Ford Fusion. From that day, my love affair with Ford has never stopped. I kept that car until I got married and after my husband and I first had Mary, we ended up getting a Ford Focus which we kept for years. Now we have the Ford Windstar and I still love it. So you can see we're a Ford family. Ford has always been a great car so when we had the chance to try out the CMAX hybrid, I was very excited.

Now in our family, we are huge on gas mileage. If a car doesn't get good gas, I don't like it, no matter how fancy it looks. The 2013 Ford CMAX Hybrid gets 47 MPG so it exceeded my expectations greatly! Plus even though it looks small on the outside, it's really roomy on the inside! Even my husband, who is really picky with cars, said he would buy it in a heartbeat.

Some of the features I really loved, other than the amazing gas mileage, were the rear cupholders for the kids in the middle section and the screen above the steering wheel that told you how much gas you had left until you were on empty. I loved this feature so much and so did my husband because he's always telling me how soon we have to find a gas station so with this he could stop!

Also on your driver dashboard, you can see your average MPG that you're getting too plus how charged your battery is. Something my husband actually loved is that the gear shift was right under the radio. He said it felt like driving a stick shift! The radio itself was very nice too because you had a turn dial for your volume which was right in the middle of everything so it was easy to grab while driving.

The 2013 Ford CMAX Hybrid starts with a push button like most cars, but since it's almost silent when it does come on, the driver dashboard tells you when the car is ready to drive which is very nice. On the side mirrors pictured above, there is also a little cutout so you can see your blind spot easier too. And for a smaller type car, it had ample trunk space!

A few things about the trunk I really liked were that it has a pull screen to shield whatever is in your trunk which I loved. Plus it had vents back there just for the trunk, so if you have ice cream or ice, you can make sure it doesn't melt. The trunk also has a push button to open and close it too. And the 2013 Ford CMAX Hybrid has a backup camera which is a great feature.

So my final thoughts on the 2013 Ford CMAX Hybrid? Both my husband and I decided that for 26,000 it's well worth buying. That's actually a steal for this car because it's a hybrid and for all the features it has. If I wasn't still paying for my van, I would buy this car today. That's how much we love it. Out of all the cars we've reviewed over the years, this is one of our top favorites, if not the best we have driven.