Why Braces are Now Old School Compared to @Invisalign #INVStraightTalk #ad

This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

When I was a little girl, I had gaps all through my teeth and a terrible overbite. My teeth stayed like that unfortunately until I was in third grade when my parents took me to the orthodontist for the first time. When I got to his office, I was terrified! I wasn't a big fan of the dentist and this place was just a bit scarier to a kid. 

I remember my parents and I went into a back room and they gave us a consultation of what I would need. Since my teeth were so bad, they said I would need braces for years. And after I finally got them on, I didn't eat for two days because my teeth hurt so bad. 

Finally when I got into the fifth grade, my braces came off and my teeth looked great! But the orthodontist never realized that not all my adult teeth had come in yet so two adult teeth managed to come in OVER my perfect new smile. I looked like a vampire. And to top it, it happened in junior high. 

So I ended up having braces again and back then, Invisalign wasn't an option for me because I had to have surgery to remove four teeth just to make room in my mouth! I remember begging my orthodontist to give me Invisalign because I hated regular braces. They embarrassed me and they hurt every time I had them tightened. Plus food always got stuck in them and they just looked funny to me. 

When I finally got my braces off, I was seventeen years old. Seriously, my entire childhood was spent with railroad tracks. But I'm grateful my smile is fixed now. When I was a kid, I never opened my mouth to smile because I was embarrassed of my teeth. 

Do your kids need braces? Mary's dentist has already told us she'll need braces when she gets older because she has gaps and an overbite like I did. But when I take her for a consultation, I'll be looking for an Invisalign Certified Doctor because I want to see if she can have them. I would rather her have Invisalign than go through what I did as a kid. Invisalign is now available to teens and preteens too so I'm so glad to see Mary might be able to have them when she gets older! 

You can also take the Invisalign Smile Assessment online to see if you or your child is a possible candidate for Invisalign too. It's very simple and easy so there's nothing to lose!

Invisalign is amazing to me because you're smile is important to everyone. And even though braces may be able to straighten your teeth, they still are embarrassing to many people. Invisalign is barely noticeable and the results are supposed to be fast so I would pick them over wire braces any day!