Memorizing with @ZOOSNAPgame

As I started home-schooling Mary, I noticed that she has a few difficulties with things. One of them used to be memorization. No matter how hard she tried, sometimes she just couldn't remember certain things or the order they needed to be in. So I started finding memorization games online for her, but I don't like keeping her on the internet for a long period of time because of all the other things she could find. And let's face it - stores don't have a plethora of board games to chose from anymore because no one really plays them. So it was then that I knew I needed to find an app that was tailored to Mary.

Recently, we found ZooSnap which was made by a father who was inspired by his son who has learning difficulties. When I heard that, I knew I had to try it because anything that inspires a parent to help their kids like that is worth while in my book! ZooSnap is a memory game that makes learning about animals fun and helps kids remember where the animals are hiding.

This app is not only wonderful for parents and children as a bonding experience, but also for home-schoolers too. I can take this app with me on the go and let Mary play when we're in the car, the doctor's office, or even in a restaurant. And she's learning without knowing it. You can also get interactive with your kids and ask them questions about each animal too. That right there could help you open a whole new door of curiosity about certain animals.

I highly recommend ZooSnap for kids age 3-10 because it will keep their interest and help them build up their memory. Using this app daily will most likely help kids be able to remember better because the more you use your brain, the better it works!

Currently, ZooSnap can be downloaded from the App Store & Google Play for Androids for $0.99!

And if you really want to get social, follow them on Twitter and Facebook. They love hearing from happy customers!