I'm Completely in Love with Little Pim!

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When I was growing up, I lived in a house where my parents spoke mostly English. Once in a while my mom would speak Italian, but not as much as I would have liked because I never got a chance to learn much of it. So when I got to Junior High and I had a choice of languages, I was very excited. Other than Italian, I always wanted to learn French so that's what I took. Of course there were only eight other students in the class with me, but it made our learning more one-on-one.

I took French for years until I could fluently speak it and I swore that I would never forget it, but I did. Life took a toll and after getting married and having Mary, I pretty much forgot everything but basic phrases and words. I wish I would have practiced more when I was pregnant and when Mary was little, but I didn't know how busy I would be when I had her!

Now that Mary is five, I want her to start learning a language. I always heard that children who learn a second language when they're little will make them smarter and help them more once they get to school. And I have proof of that theory too. My best friend growing up learned French and English by the time she was in school. And she was the smartest girl in our class and eventually graduated from Yale.

I've been looking for a good place to start with Mary, like getting her to understand and repeat key phrases so when I watched Little Pim with her, I knew we had a winner. Little Pim is an amazing series that helps kids learn key phrases and words in select languages, but it makes it easy and fun to learn. Actually, while I was watching the French DVD with her, the words started flooding back to me and I was able to narrate for her without subtitles which made me so proud!

If you want to see a short sample of Little Pim, check out this adorable video of how they represent their videos.

So does Little Pim work? In the few days that Mary has watched the French DVD, I've heard her repeat and double her phrases on things during the day, so yes, it does work! I'm completely amazed at how effective Little Pim is and I know I will be using them for years. Not just for Mary, but for myself as well so I can start to remember again!