Twyxt - An App for Couples

When my husband and I are apart, it feels like forever. When we first met, (before the age of smart phones), we would stay on the phone all day and night. We've even fallen asleep talking to each other on the phone before! But since talking on the phone was so hard to keep track of, we talked on the computer on instant messenger a lot. (You know you remember that.) And when we did talk on chat, I would print out all of our conversations and save them. I actually still have all the hard copies of them too in a special memory box in our bedroom along with the love letters my husband would send me. He used to write one every day and slip in under my door so when I got up in the morning, I had a letter from him.  So now you can pretty much tell that we're very devoted and hate to be apart.

Now that we actually do have smart phones, we're always on them. And after finding the new app, Twyxt, you'll see why. Twyxt is a private network for you and your loved one. You can send messages, post pictures, show events and even moods and it's all only between you both.

This app is almost like a digital memory book of all your special times. You even have a couples calendar where you can mark down special times to remember. In your messaging system, you can also share more than just words too. Right from the messenger, you can share emotions and also pictures which makes keeping track a whole lot easier.

I'm completely in love with this new app, especially since I can save a whole lot of trees by not printing all our love letters! Plus I love that I can reminisce whenever I want to, wherever I want to. This is the perfect and much needed app for couples!

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