Rhythms of the Land Week 3

This was our third week of Rhythms of the Land in Kindermusik. We weren't able to make it to the second week because Mary was sick so we were glad to be back!

The kids had a real blast this week. They even learned how Native Americans made corn which was also news to me!

Along with learning the quarter and eighth notes, they also played the piano, drums, bells and egg shakers too! It also helped that they reviewed finger positions and numbers for playing too.

The story of the day was "Good Hunting Little Indian" which was a very silly and cute story. Of course Mary had to chime in about the pig in the story not being kosher, but I couldn't help but get a good laugh out of that!

The kids got to learn the difference between ankle bells, rattles and a pow wow drum too. Then they got to dance to some beautiful Native American music. I think Mary likes this part the best, especially since she kas Cherokee, Sioux, and Cheyenne in her!

At the end, everyone got a Native American instrument and we danced and played to the beat!

So here's a review of everything we leaned this week:

• Played egg shakers, bells, and a drum.
• Learned about quarter notes and eighth notes and followed notation of the ti-ti ta (pronounced tee-tee tah) rhythm.
• Spoke and played the ti-ti ta rhythm on a variety of instruments.
• Listened, moved, and played instruments along with examples of Native American and Native American style music.
• Moved expressively to pretend-play and musical games.
• Reviewed finger numbers for keyboard playing.
• Practiced the keyboard-playing hand position and played the ti-ti ta rhythm on the keyboard with finger number 3.

Looking forward to going back next week!