This is What Makes Blogging All Worth It

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A lot of people probably think bloggers don't do very much in the "work" department. Most people probably just think that we sit on our butts all day long and wait for the UPS man to bring us packages of  stuff to review. I am here to say that is very far from the truth.

Although I do sometimes review products, there is actually a lot more work than just reviewing stuff to be a full time blogger. Over the past three years, I've written more than 3,000 posts with my opinions on many different things. That alone is time consuming. Not to mention all the time keeping records, calling reps, and going to different places for assignments. Plus add on top that I home-school my daughter daily and you have a very full daily schedule.

But sadly most people just see it as another blogger trying to get free stuff. I actually love what I do. Not for the things but for being able to write about things I love and have all day with my daughter. I wouldn't give up blogging for the world, even if it didn't involve products!

So it brings me to my topic. It's nice to be remembered for the way you've helped a company out during the year. I think everyone loves a "thank you" once in a while and bloggers are no different. Today I opened the door to the Fedex man bringing me a package. Now it's the beginning of the year so I'm not really expecting anything at all for review items so this package was a mystery to me. But when I opened it up and it was from Educational Insights, a company that I've done numerous reviews for these past three years, it put a smile on my face.

Included in my package was a sweet thank you note for all the hard work I've done for them this past year and some adorable and not to mention yummy smelling pencils for Mary.

Some of you are probably thinking, "They're just pencils" but it's a sweet sentiment to me. It shows that someone actually took the time to care about the work I do. And plus, Mary loves them!

Yes, this is my daughter sniffing the pencils... I promise they really do smell great! And they're made from recycled newspapers too! How awesome is that!

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Educational Insights for this little surprise. It certainly brightened my day!