Perky Pets Birdfeeder

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I'm totally in love with my new bird feeder from Perky Pets. This month I was able to review the Squirrel Away which worked wonderfully!

The entire purpose is that when extra weight is on the bottom, it closes off the feeding ports. So heavy things, like squirrels, get nothing. I was able to watch the feeder in action and the birds really seem to like this one. This is my third feeder I have on my porches but so far the food is going very quickly from it. Most of my visitors though are chickadees, cardinals, and a tufted titmouse or two.Sometimes I'll even get doves and once in a blue moon I'll get a blue jay. So far I haven't seen any animals on my feeders, probably because they hang from my porch balconies, but if I ever do, I know they won't get any seeds!