Be the 2013 CuteKid!

Do you have a super cute kid? Does everyone think they are the most adorable thing to have ever been born? Why not to your hand at entering them into the 2013 CuteKid of the Year Contest? Entering is simple!

Step 1
Fill out the form shown with your information!

Step 2
Upload a cute picture of your kid!

Step 3
Pay to enter the contest

Now I'm sure a lot of you like to enter free contests, but just think about it. Most people won't pay to enter a contest so that already eliminates a lot of competition. Plus you probably won't have a an extreme amount of entries either since it's not free so you chances are better!

I've entered the CuteKid contest before and it's for real! So if you think your kid is super cute, head on over to enter!