The Wintertime Cold Sore Blues

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I hate when I feel a cold sore coming on. Especially when something important is coming up like a big day out or even worse, pictures. I always know when a cold sore is coming because my lips get really sore a few days before. Almost like I bit them in my sleep. So when I feel a cold sore coming on, I always use Abreva because it's the only thing that works for me. It helps my cold sores disappear before they even come out.

Usually the wintertime isn't a friend for me because I get cold sores like crazy. My husband gets them worse than me, but he gets his during the summer oddly enough. So when it's winter, I get mine and I hate them. But the only thing I usually do is keep Abreva in stock in the house. It really is worth the money because it works so well and I've always been very impressed with it.

Of course, just in the nick of time my husband got a cold sore too this past weekend. It was almost like clockwork. And he never gets them in the winter either. He actually got two; one on his top lip and one on the bottom. And when he gets them, he's very self concious. He won't even leave the house until they're gone! Talk about cabin fever!

So when he raided the bathroom looking for something to put on his aching lips, he found the Abreva I had stored away just in case. He used it and both his cold sores were gone in about 3 days. I could actually barely see them on the 3rd so now he's finally smiling again!

Do you get cold sores? What usually triggers them for you? Is it cold weather or hot weather?

If you're like me and get cold sores in the winter, then maybe you should check out Abreva the next time you're in the store. Or maybe you can buy it online with this $25 Amazon GC giveaway below!

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