Safely Shopping Online

Nowadays, we're subjected to Holiday merchandising as soon as Back To School messaging winds down. But it's true that most of us will be ramping up our end-of-year present buying and spending in November. From Black Friday deals to Cyber Mondal steals, we're shopping in physical stores and online, and each shopping opportunity presents unique benefits-- and threats of identity theft.

I do most of my shopping online for the holidays so I'm always extra careful. I already have gifts wrapped up in the closet too! But shopping online can pose a lot of different risks from people getting your credit card number to even stealing your identity.

One year while holiday shopping, my grandmother was buying something online and after a few weeks she noticed thousands of dollars were missing from her checking account. When she finally got to the bottom of it, she found out someone can accessed her credit card information over the checkout and bought a bunch of stuff! So it's always a good idea to be extra careful when purchasing online.

Also, Lifelock is having a great Twitter party! Check it out for tips to keep safe from identity theft!

Twitter Party
This Black Friday, LifeLock will also be hosting a Black Friday Twitter Party!
Date: November 23rd
Time: 3pm PST
Hashtag: #LifeLock