Modesty with Mikarose Giveaway

Mikarose is a clothing company that specializes in modest, elegant and fashionable dresses. Their company's idea evolved when the owners realized how difficult it was to find modest dresses in today's market. They're sure you have had similar experiences when looking for a modest dress. After many frustrating outings, they formed Mikarose. Their goal is to provide an extensive line of modest dresses, without having to sacrifice style. You will be able to wear their line to a broad range of functions: from everyday events to corporate parties. They hope to not only meet the needs of women looking for modest wear, but all those who are seeking elegant dresses.

Holding Jewish values is hard enough in today's time without having to worry about how to dress. It seems like every time I go into a store to buy something, I am appalled at how tight, short, or skimpy clothes are now. Especially for our children. Some stores have them dressing like little adults and that makes people look at them way too young. Well, I found a great store that sells modest clothing for girls and women and it's called Mikarose. Their clothes are beautiful and their prices are affordable too. I was fortunate enough to try out a dress from them and I love it! It's so comfortable and it's a perfect fit! But the best part is that it's very modest, and that's wonderful to me!

The dress pictured above is the beautiful Beverly Sweater Dress that I reviewed and I couldn't be happier with it. It looks beautiful on and it's so comfortable that I wish I never had to take it off! And paired with some cute shoes, tights and a nice sweater, it's perfect for colder weather!

Do you like to dress modestly? Do you find it hard in today's time?