Meet Woody

I promise I'm not crazy - I'm just a lover of birds. Or as my family calls me, The Bird Lady. I've been wanting a Zebra Finch for a while now because my parents had two when I was a little girl. They remind me of being a child with my parents so I've been trying to hunt one down for a while. I was all set to go down to Atlanta to get two this weekend, but Mary got sick yesterday and Paul told me, "No More Birds!"

So as I went to our local pet store to get our weekly stock of bird food, I went back to the bird cages to see if they had anything new, and they had a flock of Zebra Finches. So I did what any other bird lover would. I called my husband and begged him. And he said yes! Well actually, he said I had pestered him enough this weekend to make him blow his brains out so he gave in so I would leave him alone about it! But I got the bird anyways!

His name is Woody and he's a very happy little thing! He chirps all day long and anytime you call his name, he chirps back to you! And he's having a lot of fun having his flying time in the house! So welcome our  new baby, Woody!