Feel Better with #KleenexSWS

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It's hard having a loved one sick at home. Not only do you want to take the best care of them but you wish you could just take the germ from them too. Mary has a terribly low immune system so she catches almost anything that comes by. It's very hard on me to always see her sick, but when I take care of her, I always make sure to keep her comfortable.

Some of her favorite things when she's sick are eating homemade Chicken Noodle Soup or Matzo Ball Soup, listening to stories, watching Yo Gabba Gabba, and making puppets so I use Kleenex tissues to make puppets with her. She gets bored easily when she's in bed all day so I try to keep her entertained the best I can so she doesn't get worse.

I have sweet memories of silly things we've done when she's been sick like making puppets and telling ghost stories under the covers. Something that Mary hates is to be alone when she doesn't feel good so for a special treat and to make her feel better, we bring her bed into the living room so she can lie down while I work. That way I can watch her and also play at the same time.

Do you use Kleenex tissues when you're sick? Do you keep a stockpile in your house just in case?

Kleenex is such an amazing company, they even have a Spanish portion to their site! Isn't it nice when a company caters to you?

And thanks to Kleenex, one winner is going to win a Share Pack! This is NOT what is pictured above. The Share Pack is a large box of the tissue brand.

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